EMS week, thanks PFVRS members and a building tour video
By Member Tammy Taylor
May 19, 2020

In honor of Emergency Medical Services week, the Prince Frederick Volunteer Rescue Squad would like to thank our Paramedics, EMTs, Drivers, and Aides.

Take a look at our recent video! https://youtu.be/2-wUfT1NLhs .

Emergency medical technicians (EMT)s are trained to quickly respond to medical issues in emergency situations regarding accident scenes and traumatic injuries.

Paramedics build on their EMT education and are advanced providers of emergency medical care.

Aides assist the EMTs and Paramedics.

Drivers are trained to drive emergency vehicles to and from the scene as quickly and safely as possible. They also assist the paramedics and EMTs.

We are always looking for new people to join our team and have many other ways that you can help us! Take a look at our website PFVRS.org and fill out an application to join our family!